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Who We Are

Jill Kirkwood and Linda Cousine share a passion, not just for living well, but for thriving! Zealous advocates for women “of a certain age,” Jill and Linda encourage women to redefine their age rather than letting society define it for them.

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Our Mission Statement

To educate, inspire, and honor our fabulous yet underrepresented sisters born in the 1950s and 60s.


Jill Kirkwood

Born and raised in Chicago in 1962, Jill began doing yoga at just five years old. Her passion for fitness continued beyond childhood and ultimately extended to weightlifting, competitive swimming, running, and cycling. With energy to spare, Jill put on her dancing shoes and performed with several Chicago dance companies while in her 20s before beginning a rewarding career in the health and fitness industry. A highly sought-after instructor and educator of several decades, Jill’s accomplishments have included yoga instructor, massage therapist, Reiki Master, nutritionist, personal trainer, and health and lifestyle coach. Jill is a momma to her fur baby, Max, and an aunt to 10 amazing nieces and nephews. She shares her time between her home in Orange County, California, where she looks glamorous and shaves her legs, and her home in Arkansas, where she doesn’t.

Linda Cousine

Linda Cousine is 62 years young and a native So Cal gal. A mom of three and a “Glam-Ma” of five, Linda is a veteran of two-and-a-half divorces.

A former LA model and teen beauty queen, Linda holds a degree in fashion merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her background includes her years as a makeup artist for Guerlain Cosmetics and as a fashion accessories merchandiser in major retailers in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Linda currently owns and operates The Savvy Stager, a home staging and interior design business in Orange County. In her free time, Linda writes satirical accounts of women struggling with menopause in her Middle-Aged Hottie book series, loosely based on Linda’s life, (except for the jail part—so far, Linda has not been to jail) as well as writing books for children and teens under the pen name Linda Rey.

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our truths

Our Truths

We believe beauty is an attitude, not a goal.


We believe sunglasses and lipstick can help to hide a rough night.


We believe the words “Girl” and “Chick” are fine, especially when followed by the word “Power.”


We believe drinking eight glasses of water a day is important to overall health. (And will cause extra trips to the bathroom.)


We believe arriving to a party overdressed is always better than arriving underdressed.


We believe meditation keeps us centered and yoga feeds our soul.


We believe in the truth of the saying, “You are as old as you feel,” in which case we are 35. (Except for the few times Linda has been 82.)


We believe orgasms help to keep the bloom on the rose.


We believe a proper fitting bra can make us look thinner and younger.


We believe “shopping therapy” might help to mask a broken heart, but that a true friend can help to heal one.


We believe the time has come for us to care less about our “manicure” and more about our “Medicare.”


We believe a smile can do more to make us look younger than the most expensive face cream.


We believe it’s best to wine a little and laugh a lot.


We believe 50 is nifty, 60 is sexy, 70 is sensational, and 80 is the time to kick off our shoes and dance naked in the rain.


And we believe in YOU, our gorgeous, talented, and smart sisters of the soul.





Jill & Linda

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