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It's Fashion Friday! 5/14/21


Hi lovelies, Linda here, (my Jilly is off on an amazing adventure in the wilds of Arkansas).

Those who know me, know I only shop at thrift and charity stores for my clothes. (Except for bras… and I imagine underwear, if I wore them… which I don’t.)

Not only is it my contribution to conscious consumption, but it also plays a big part in allowing me to have clothes on my back and yet still have enough money left over to buy a loaf of bread, and maybe an avocado or something.

In an effort to help raise the awareness of some of our local charity stores in my area (Orange County, CA) I’ll be sharing some recent fabulous finds, and the stores where I purchased the items.

Not in my area? No problem. Check out the local charity stores in your area. I’m sure you’ll find some equally amazing things, like these SERGIO ROSSI PONY BOOTS, which scream sexy, and surprisingly did not result in a trip to an orthopedic surgeon after wearing them. They are currently selling at preowned prices on Poshmark for $780. My price… $12 (They were 50% off the clearly overpriced $25).

I’m a huge supporter of this particular charity store as they are a food bank in our local area. Mercy Warehouse 27632 El Laso, Laguna Niguel.

Have you had some equally amazing find? Jill and I would love to hear your Frugal Fashionista success stories.








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